Pixel Date: The Geeky Dating App
Design a better nerdy/geeky dating app.
Macaron Camion
Design type-based identity branding to a food truck business that specializes in macarons.
Mikrokosmos 2013
Layout design for Mikrokosmos. Mikrokosmos is a magazine that features the art and literary works of current Wichita State University Students.
Pluma collective owls: Dusk packaging
Design a packaging with a more high-end feel.
Funko Bobblehead packaging
A redesign for a photographic-based packaging for Funko POP! vinyl bobble-head.
Animated Name
Create a concept and execute it with choices to create type that moves. Experiment with rhythm. Experiment with visual flow.
Art & Design Advocates Posters
Ewalu & Tám
Through research I determined 5 brand values in addition to creating a brand purpose statement. Every element (type, imagery, color, etc.) of my logo was informed by my research and concept.
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